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How can technical and non-technical innovation improve societies around the globe? With unbiased, in-depth reporting, we look at the masterstrokes, mistakes, issues, news, opportunities and challenges.

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Welcome to the new resource dedicated to reporting on innovations to improve society across the globe. We talk to those driving innovation, we look below the bonnet of some of the world’s most exciting developments, we report on events and we build dialogue, including sharing what works in one location and could be scaled up elsewhere. If you have an interesting story we should be covering or if you are independent and interested in writing for us, please make contact.

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The Smarter Communities team can help with strategy, research and analysis, content, branding and communications. From within our team or our network of partners, we can provide expert speakers and chairs for your events. The independence that directs all of our reporting also applies to our services – no agenda other than doing the best for our clients.

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Upcoming Events

We provide an easy to use guide to the myriad events happening around the globe. From the big international conferences to the niche specialist ones, our directory can help you find what’s relevant for your needs. If you have an event that you want us to include, just let us know.

Transport Research Arena

April 16 - April 19

5th Annual Smart Data Summit

5th Annual Smart Data Summit

April 17 - April 19

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