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In-depth, independent reporting on how to make communities – from slums to high-tech cities – better. We look at what is being achieved to build resilience, improve social equality and tackle climate change

Transport Pop-up bike lanes - passing fad or part of the green recovery? Where cities such as Berlin have led with pop-up cycle lanes, can others follow? Failure to do so will be a major missed opportunity Continue Reading Economy Beyond GDP: A timely call for a major reboot Positive Money's “The Tragedy of Growth” report has a clear message: To protect wellbeing and avoid ecological disaster we must abandon GDP growth and transform our economic system. Continue Reading Society Permaculture: Part of the new world order? “A design system that aims to create sustainable human habitats by following nature’s patterns" - given the global pandemic combined with the climate crisis, has permaculture's time arrived? Continue Reading Environment Self-build: The eco-friendly labour of love Dennis Croft describes how he designed and built his own straw bale house and the lessons he learnt along the way from this labour of love Continue Reading Society Planning as a piece of the Climate Emergency jigsaw Nottingham has the most ambitious zero carbon target of any UK city. To support this, the Council is overhauling its planning processes, priorities and ways of engaging with residents. Continue Reading Economy Navigating a course to low carbon shipping Shipping is a worse polluter than aviation and is proving very hard to decarbonise but, among a range of initiatives, GoodFuels is seeking to bring a shift to biofuels Continue Reading Society CDP report highlights the 105 cities leading on climate CDP's second annual report on cities' responses to the climate crisis puts 105 ahead of their peers when it comes to action and transparency Continue Reading

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We are dedicated to providing in-depth and independent reporting on innovations to improve society across the globe. We talk to those driving innovation, we look at some of the world’s most exciting developments, we report on events, and we build dialogue, including sharing what works in one location and could be scaled up elsewhere. If you have an interesting story that you feel we should be covering or if you are independent and interested in writing for us, please make contact.

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We understand what works and what does not. We can provide value for your event, including highly engaging speakers and chairpersons; we can help you to convey your messages through compelling content; and we can help with strategy, research and analysis. The independence that directs all of our reporting also applies to our services – we have no agenda other than doing the best for our clients.

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In the current crisis, clearly all events are likely to be cancelled over the next few months – please check with the organisers. We have left details of each as a number are switching to ‘virtual’ formats or are setting new dates.

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