The seeds of Smarter Communities Media

Initiatives to improve society are like “1000 flowers”, said one presenter at a recent event. However, one gardener often has no idea what another gardener is growing. This means a lot of duplication of effort, a lack of standards, and a failure to pass on lessons and expertise.

A second observation came from both a regular attendee at the myriad smart cities events around the globe and a reader of a lot of the online content that’s out there: After a while, it becomes clear that few events or articles scratch below the surface. Everyone now knows the concepts, it’s the in-depth stories that are needed.

Okay, so there looks to be a gap…

As a journalist for all my working life, I believe that independent, in-depth reporting has a key role in our society. It generates discussion, it facilitates the exchange of ideas, it uncovers what works and what does not work, and it sows the seeds for new initiatives.

Here’s a couple of other quotes from recent event speakers:

“There’s lots and lots of pilots out there. Where we need to get to is doing smart cities at depth and scale.”
“Sharing of information between councils on projects is at a very superficial level for most of the time.”

So let’s get writing

As well as what looks to be a thirst for information, there’s one selfish reason for launching the site: Plotting and reporting on the rapid advances, good and bad, in our societies is a fascinating area. Being a journalist, you’ve carte blanche to stick your nose into other people’s businesses!

Here’s our promise

We will never regurgitate press releases, we will never take contributions that are not independent, no content will ever be paid for, everything will be written based on its own merits. Every story will have the voice of those involved. In other words, good old fashioned journalism.

Interested in writing for us?

If you are independent and would like to write for Smarter Communities Media, then please make contact. If you are working on a project that you think would be of interest, then similarly we’d love to hear from you.

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